About Sanremo


The Company

A family story that we love to share. Our #wearesanremo comes from this: from wanting to involve our entire community, our suppliers and customers, along a path leading our machines from a sketch to coffee shops all over the world.

Our identity permeates every single product and caters to the unique taste of all coffee enthusiasts. We are a team working together to make machines created by professionals for coffee lovers. That’s who we are.


Technology Excellence

Catering to new needs while taking steps towards the future. This is the meaning of technology excellence for us.

We are never tired to progress, to push beyond our boundaries towards innovation. Simply put, this is part of our DNA.

We share this feature with our community, who is never tired to being impressed and walk with us towards the future.

  • 01

    To create a skilled, experienced and bold R&D division.

  • 02

    To develop extraordinary technology solutions in our flagship machines.

  • 03

    To use innovative materials, designed on purpose to ensure the best performance in every process.

  • 04

    To create the most sophisticated control systems on the market, allowing baristas to interact with the machine like never before.

Sanremo World

Over the years we have treasured the contribution of those who wanted to work WITH us and not just for us.

We have sourced people who completely shared our vision of designing and found talents who truly believed in our projects and wanted to become a part of our #wearesanremo feeling.

We created an extensive network of branch offices allowing us to export all our know-how and expertise wherever it’s required.

Always By Your Side

For us it’s always important to follow our creations wherever they are in demand in the world.

This is why we set up a sales network that works hand in hand with end customers and shares in the same passion that has led to our machines.

Our support is skilled and available everywhere in the world, so become part of our family, #wearesanremo.

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