• _ Opera 2.0

    CDS System Maximum precision and full control on the three phases of coffee extraction
    Steam Performance Silky milk at high capacity
    Gear Pump Perfomance High and constant pressure in all conditions
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  • _ Cafe Racer

    Easy Touch – Smart-touch setting
    of individual groups
    Everything Under Control – System digital display to control all the working parameters
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  • _ F18

    Soft Pre-Infusion Flowactive System: for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time
    Energy Saving System Insulation and smart energy management to save up to 30% of energy
    Steam Performance Silky milk at high capacity
  • _Grinders

    Designed and made in Italy for the most demanding barista and busy establishments.

Sanremo Espresso Machines and Accessories

Sanremo Canada - Machine - Verona S

Sanremo is an internationally recognized brand of premium quality, commercial grade espresso coffee machines and is one of the best commercial coffee machines on the market today. Originating from a family business in Treviso, Italy, and driven by a passion for building Espresso machines for generations. Sanremo represents an unprecedented quality of craftsmanship, design, and innovation. Each machine meticulously assembled and hand finished, representing over forty years of refinement and perfection.

We are a proud distributor of Sanremo espresso machines. We carry several models, including the Opera 2.0, the Racer, the Verona, and the F18 along with coffee jugs and grinders.

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Training & Support

WATCH: Informational video on using the Opera.