Sanremo Canada has been named the Official Machine Partner of the 2022 – 2025 Canadian Barista Championships.

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Barista Championship Western Qualifiers

We are preparing for the competition in Calgary on the 17th to 19th of January 2020 with the help of our co-sponsors Water for Coffee (@waterforcoffee), Mahlkonig USA (@mahlkonigusa) and Genius Coffee N’ Espresso Equipment (@geniuscoffee). Also, a great host sponsor, Eightounce (@eightouncecoffee) is preparing everything for all of us to have an amazing experience.  
Sanremo Canada Cafe Racer Official machine for the Canadian Barista Championship

Official machine for the Canadian Barista Competition

Come and see some of Canada’s finest baristas and find out who will qualify for the National Championships in March.
All competitors will be performing on the Sanremo Cafe Racer, an industry leader in quality, style, innovation, and technology.
We hope to have you join us at this amazing event to see some of the country’s best baristas compete on the best espresso machine!
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Free admission to watch the competition

barista championship

SCA organized 2nd qualifiers competition in Calgary

Fun facts about the competition

  1. The Sanremo Cafe Racer is a machine-building for accuracy and to make coffee taste different. With the Cafe Racer, a barista can adjust temperature, pressure or pre-infusion. But in competition, the machine is running in a very basic setting.
  2. In competition, the barista has 15 minutes to make 12 drinks distributed in 3 courses. Well, making the drinks they have to present the coffee to the judges by rehearsing a scripted story. This competition requires barista skills, memory skills all combined in a theatrical act. The presentation is in front of 7 judges.
  3. The Western qualifiers are actually the 2nd Canadian qualifier. Baristas in Canada from coast to coast can take part. So this is not a Western Qualifier but a qualifier.
  4. Calgary has 7 competitors out of 16.
  5. In the competition, you can only use cow milk. Even vegan competitors can not use alternative milks. If they do the drink will not be judged and the competitor will lose the points. In the 2019 season, a competitor made the point that alternative milk can taste like cow milk. He presented to the end where he then disclosed the secretive ingredient!
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Why Choose a Sanremo Coffee Machine?

Hear it from the Barista/Cafe Owner

The following video is from some of the top cafés in Toronto.  We interviewed them to know “what we are doing right” and what made them want to own a Sanremo espresso machine.

Who are we?

We are Sanremo Canada, the factory direct distributor of Sanremo Coffee Machine s.p.a. (Italy) – the manufacture of big hit machines like the Opera and the Café Racer.  The Sanremo machines are some of the best looking machine in the industry, built with cutting edge technology from baristas to baristas.

Why  “WHY”?

The “why” is our way to look at what we do from the inside out.  Start from the heart… the soul. Where did this all started… from a dream and you can read all about it here


Because our machines mean design and not only of your café but of your dream to own a café.  Hear what the people have to say….

Why we do it?
We want to develop and establish a positive relationship with our customers and suppliers. Developing coffee knowledge in our local community by helping our customers to know everything that there is to know about coffee, from choosing the right bean selection to knowing the right water pressure to get the perfect espresso.

What do we do ?
Consistent service and support that we have been providing since 2007. We are an industry leader. Supporting, servicing and selling the best equipments and parts, we are committed to keep providing an excellent service to become the first choice for purchasing and repairing coffee machines.

How is it done ?
Sharing our passion – we know that making great coffee is both an art and science, and that the ultimate drinking experience starts with proper brewing methods and top-quality machinery.
Giving knowledge – we can take you through the details of the espresso making processes, adjust your equipment, and help you choose the best machine to suit your needs.
Inspiring – Our team has the in-depth knowledge to give our customers everything they need to make the best espresso drinks possible and inspire memorable conversations.

sanremo canada at beanstock

Beanstock – Vancouver’s first coffee festival!