We are proud to announce that Sanremo Canada is the Official Machine Partner of the 2022-2025 Canadian Barista Championships.

For the first time in our country’s history, this partnership between SCA Canada and Sanremo Canada will be a 4-year term to reflect the structure of the WBC.

This extended partnership represents our commitment to support Canadian baristas and competitors. We support the Canadian Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association, and our industry as a whole.

Our goal has always been to support baristas and give them the tools necessary to reach peak performance. Through this partnership we aim to continue pushing the industry forward and building presence for Canadian coffee in the international spotlight.

Future and prospective Canadian champions will be competing and practicing their routines on the WBC Certified Sanremo Cafe Racer.

The most innovative coffee professionals in Canada deserve to compete on a machine that works as hard as they do, and is as finely tuned as their routines.

The Cafe Racer is a true multi-boiler workhorse with unparalleled heat and temperature stability. Most of the features of the Cafe Racer will be switched off for the competition but the key features that make the Cafe Racer such a great fit for the Barista Championship:

  • Boilers forged from premium materials to allow water to release the coffee’s cleanest and most natural flavour
  • Large and ergonomic work area
  • Intuitive interface

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Official Machine of the Canadian Barista Championships or to custom order your own Cafe Racer.

Visit SCA Canada: https://scacanada.coffee/