2020 Canadian National Barista Championships. 

March 13, 14, and 15 in Victoria, BC.

Hosted by Discovery Coffee Roasters at their new roastery.

 Competition machines supplied and sponsored by Sanremo Canada.

Event is sanctioned by SCA Canada.


A B O U T   T H E C O M P E T I T I O N:

The Canadian National Barista Championships is a SCA-sanctioned event composed of 14 of the best baristas across Canada. The competitors have qualified for this final event from two recent Regional Qualifying competitions. The National Competition will be spread out between 3 days. March 13th and 14th will have the competitors do their initial performance for the judges. From there, the best of the best will square off again on the 15th, when the winner will be determined.
This is an annual event that brings the specialty coffee community together and for talented baristas to showcase their skills, coffee, and innovative techniques.
The competitors have 15 minutes for their presentation. Within this time frame they must provide the four sensory judges with 3 beverage courses – espresso, espresso & milk, and a signature drink. While preparing these drinks, the competitors will be giving a speech explaining their coffee selections in great detail, and tying it to a bigger idea such as sustainability or improving the community. Accuracy with the flavour description is important.
Each competitor will be closely watched by 2 technical judges for their techniques and cleanliness. They will also be judged by 4 sensory judges for their beverage courses for taste, tactile, and flavour descriptors. One head judge oversees the full presentation and ensures that their team of judges are being fair. The winner is determined on a cumulative point basis.

The winner of the Canadian National Barista Championships earns their spot as the Canadian representative for the World Barista Championship. This year’s World Barista Championship will run from May 4-7 in Melbourne, Australia.

In 2019, Cole Tarode from Rosso Coffee Roasters was the Canadian representative at the World Barista Championship. Cole (pictured second from the right) earned third place.
For more information on the competition, check out https://www.canadiancoffeeguild.com/barista-competition

A B O U T   S C A C A N A D A:

The SCA is built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge. They act as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry, and are invested in creating a worldwide circle of like-minded professionals. Unified but not uniform, they celebrate and nurture diversity. They understand the importance of local knowledge and strive to connect every individual with the resources to improve their opportunities and make their voice heard on a global stage. Representing a global pool of experience and talent, the SCA works together towards a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

SCA Canada is the National Chapter of the Specialty Coffee Association in Canada. Registered as a non-profit organization, the Canadian Chapter aims to represent Canadian SCA members in the most flexible and nimble way possible. They are here to #MakeCoffeeBetter. SCA Canada’s National Coordinators are considered to be board members and are elected by members every two years.

The goal of SCA Canada is to serve the community with transparency and inclusion. They do their best to raise awareness of specialty coffee through four methods; competitions, education, community, and collaborations.

COMPETITIONS: By sanctioning and aiding hosts with the execution of Regional and National-level competitions, such as the Canadian National Barista Championship.

EDUCATION: By organizing and executing initiatives to educate the community, competitors, judges, and followers.

COMMUNITY: By striving to build and support coffee communities across the country through events, webinars, and scholarships.

COLLABORATIONS: By collaborating with their members to raise awareness and funds for the organization through mutually-beneficial projects.

Contact SCA Canada on their website https://www.canadiancoffeeguild.com/, or email them at sca.ca@sca.coffee. Follow @sca_canada on Instagram.

Become an SCA member at https://sca.coffee/membership/about

A B O U T    D I S C O V E R Y    C O F F E E: 

Discovery Coffee Roasters are the host for the 2020 Canadian National Barista Championships. 

The event will be held at their new roastery location on Rock Bay Avenue in Victoria.

Discovery Coffee’s journey for the perfect cup is never-ending. They hand-select their green beans from farmers all over the world and roast them in-house at their freshest. They roast in small batches and pair beans to specific brew methods in order to introduce their customers to new coffees every day. Discovery has been roasting since day one, and continue to get excited about every batch they produce. They are always finding ways to push the boundaries on what good coffee can offer, and sharing their knowledge and passion. A big belief of theirs is growing transparent and direct partnerships with their farmers. This comes because of their commitment to forge relationships through their craft. They stay connected to their coffee’s origins as a reminder of the respect owed to this simple coffee-making ritual, and to the many people who make it possible to enjoy it every day. Discovery Coffee is proud to be an integral part of growing an already flourishing coffee scene in Victoria.

Discovery Coffee has 5 cafe locations and their new roastery in Victoria. You will be sure to find their coffees on the shelves and in the grinders of many of their neighbouring cafes around Vancouver Island as well. Discovery holds many coffee classes to share their knowledge and ensure that everyone is making the best coffee! For inquiries on coffee and/or classes contact education@discoverycoffee.com or hello@discoverycoffee.comFollow @discoverycoffee on Instagram.

2550 Rock Bay Avenue             664 Discovery Street            1964 Oak Bay Avenue   

1001 Blanshard Street             281 Menzies Street                3587 Blanshard Street

A B O U T    S A N R E M O    C A N A D A:

Sanremo Canada is the espresso machine sponsor for the 2020 Canadian National Barista Championship. All 14 competitors will be competing on the Sanremo Cafe Racer; an industry-leading espresso machine. Sanremo Canada are the exclusive distributors for  Sanremo espresso machines in Canada. Sanremo is a worldwide-recognized brand for the innovation, technology, quality, and style that is found in each of their machines. Sanremo Canada aims to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their customers and suppliers. They believe that making coffee is both an art and science, and that the ultimate drinking experience starts with top-quality machinery and baristas. Sanremo is proud to share and provide ongoing passion, knowledge, and support to help business owners choose the best machinery and take their businesses to the next level. With endless options and customizations available you are sure to find a machine that fits any space, budget, business, personality, or style. Follow the hashtag #WhySanremo.

Sanremo Canada has offices in Burnaby, BC and Toronto, ON that serve customers across Canada.

Check out some of their machine options and #WhySanremo at https://sanremocanada.com/

For general inquiries on Sanremo espresso machines, please contact kennadee@geniusequipment.com or sales@sanremocanada.com. Follow @sanremocanada on Instagram.

4516 Dawson Street, Burnaby                       116 Geary Avenue, Toronto

Ben (Monogram Coffee) and Avelyn (Discovery Coffee) competing in Calgary’s Western Qualifier on the Sanremo Cafe Racer.

A B O U T    T H E A F T E R P A R T Y:

Sanremo Canada, Discovery Coffee, and SCA Canada will be collaborating for the afterparty at the Canadian National Barista Championship.

The Latte Throwdown will be held after the winner of the Barista Championships is announced on Sunday, March 15. Everyone is welcome to show off their latte art skills in this fun tournament-style competition.

Hosted by Discovery Coffee at their roastery location (same venue as the competition). Machine sponsors are Sanremo Canada. Come enjoy some Phillips Beer as you cheer on your favourite baristas. Entry is $5 for the afterparty.

O T H E R    S P O N S O R S:

We would also like to thank other sponsors and organizations involved, as it wouldn’t be able to happen without you!


Also, a special thank you to all of the judges, volunteers, and attendees making the trip to Victoria!

Best of luck to all of the competitors in this year’s event!