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Help Local Business to Help Coffee Farmers

How one dream led to another dream and became the way of life

Where, who and what?

At Sanremo Coffee Machines Canada, Eugenio Adiletta built from the grounds up what he describes as the roots of coffee technician culture.  It all started with the quest to find out why does he do what he does.  It’s easy to say what you do when you’re just selling something and it’s easy to just sell something by giving a random value, especially a low one.  But that’s not what he wanted to do.  The value of something does not only come from the cutting edge technology and provoking lines like the Sanremo machines have, but also from the soul, you give what you sell.  

What is the value of a coffee maker?

The value to the owner/barista buying the machines in Canada is from what they want to learn.  That’s from where he started searching for the real reason he was doing what he was doing and found the “Why”.  The base of the ideology is the believe in developing and establishing relationships with customers and suppliers by sharing, giving and inspiring with consistent service and support.  

Where did Eugenio go from there?

All this brought Eugenio to share his passion of the technical knowledge of machines to everyone and anyone.  The more he built on this, the more he moved into the Specialty Coffee territory. By sharing with people his knowledge of machines, they would share their coffee knowledge.  

What made the change?

After taking coffee classes in barista, brewing, roasting, sensory and green coffee, he understood the importance of how all these disciplines interacted with each other and he started creating a Coffee Tech curriculum to certify people from baristas backgrounds to become Pro-Baristas for Sanremo Canada, from professional technicians to become Sanremo Canada trained technicians. Equipping the technicians with a solid knowledge of coffee means they wouldn’t just be changing parts on machines but they would be helping machine owners bring their coffee to next level.  

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How is the change going to effect down the coffee chain?

All this creates a network to help the most people possible to do better in their cafes so they can have the possibility to offer better coffee at better value, just like the machines.  His contribution to the industry is to reach the coffee growers, by helping the baristas do more with what they have so more coffees are being sold and the farmers are earning more because better beans are being purchased to achieve better taste profiles.